Portal and Website Features

Any of the modules below can be used to add content and functionality to your dynamic website or interactive membership portal. If your organization requires additional functionality that is not listed below, please contact us to determine availability of other specialized modules that can be used to create advanced portal content and functionality.

Announcements The Announcements Module produces a list of simple text announcements consisting of a title and brief description.
Banners Banner advertising is managed through the Admin > Vendors tab and the Host > Vendors tab. You can select the number of banners to display as well as the banner type.
Calendar The Calendar module provides an organization with the ability to track a wide range of calendar events, including recurring events..
Contacts The Contacts module collects and displays contact information for a group of people, such as a civic organization or a project team.
Document Management The Document Management module provides users with a Windows Explorer type interface to manage documents on the web.
Events The Events module renders a list of upcoming events, including time and location. The events list can alternately be set to render in calendar format.
FAQ The FAQ module allow you to manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their corresponding Answers.
Feedback The Feedback module allows visitors to send messages to the Administrator of the portal. If a user is already logged in, then their name will automatically populate the form.
Flash The Flash module allows you to include Flash animation in your portal.
Image The Image module renders an image. The module simply refers to the image by a relative or absolute URL, so the image file does not need to reside within the site.
Links The Links module renders a list of hyperlinks to any tab, image or file on your portal; or to a file, image or web page on another website.
Survey The Survey module allows your portal users to complete online surveys. Survey results are rendered as a bar chart and includes the number of individual responses.
Text / HTML The Text / HTML module allows you to design content in a visual editor, or add html.
News & Announcements

The Forerunner Network prepares to launch Web Reality Shows - The Future of Reality.

The Forerunner Network launches multiple sites for CMO America.

Mercy's Journey website launched.

Navajo Events selects Forerunner Communications to launch its newly redesigned website.

Blue Ribbon Schools redesigned website launched.

The Forerunner Network continues as a DotNetNuke Gold Benefactor

DotNetNuke Gold Benefactor

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